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Discover main functions of Vsco cam - an awesome camera app

Discover main functions of Vsco cam - an awesome camera app

Today, we will reveal to you one of the divine tools to turn pictures that seem so ordinary into professional photos. That is VSCO - one of the best image editing applications with many features that are extremely popular among young people.

Presets / Filters

The highlight of the VSCO filter is that with just one touch, the color effect of the image will change immediately. You can change the color tone easily with the control bar. When you first install, VSCO will automatically display some of the available filters. If you want to have more filters, you can download it in the Dental Store.


This feature is used to adjust the overall brightness of the photo. (+) will make the image brighter and vice versa, (-) will make the image darker.

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This is the parameter that shows the level of contrast between the bright and dark areas in the image. If the contrast is increased, that means dark spots will be darker and bright spots will be brighter. If the contrast is reduced, the picture will look softer.


If you accidentally slide your hand to deflect your phone, make the angle of the image be skewed, use the control bar to rotate the image back to the balanced position you want. The square in the right corner will help you rotate the image 90 degrees to the left for each touch.

Horizontal Perspective / X-Skew

Control the slider to the left to drag the image to the left of the image and back to the right.

Vertical Perspective / Y-Skew

It is also known as Edit vertical perspective. Similarly, with horizontal perspective editing, the slider control to the left will extend the lower edge of the image and the slider control to the right will extend the top edge of the image.


This is the tool for cropping images. Select the desired ratio and adjust the area you want to cut.

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Increase the contrast of the image to highlight details by controlling the slider to the right and vice versa.


Increase the sharpness of the photo by dragging the slider to the right and vice versa. Note that high sharpness can reduce image quality.


Control the vividness of photo colors. The positive parameters make the colors fresher and the negative parameters make the colors seem to turn into gray tones.


With photos that are too bright, you can darken the highlights to bring out the overall details of the image.


This is a tool that helps to brighten dark areas of the image to make it more prominent.


Dragging the slider to the right will help you warm up the photo color when you switch the color tone to goldcam. Conversely, sliding the bar to the left will cool the color of the image when changing the tone to blue.

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Dragging the slider to the left will increase the green tone, whereas, when dragging the bar to the right, the image is increased by a red-purple tone.

With these great features of VSCO Cam, you don’t hesitate to have this app on your Android.

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